Statistical Consulting

Do you need help with statistics for your master's thesis or doctoral dissertation?

I have specialized in statistical analyses with PROCESS (SPSS and R), SEM/CFA/Path Analysis with lavaan (R) and multilevel models (R).

Moderated mediation with PROCESS

  • Using the PROCESS macro for SPSS or for R
  • Selecting the best PROCESS model template for your hypothesis
  • Additional options for running PROCESS
  • User defined models in PROCESS
  • Dealing with covariates
  • Model pruning
  • Checking the regression assumptions when using PROCESS
  • Interpreting PROCESS output (index of moderated mediation, conditional indirect effects, etc.)
  • Reporting PROCESS results

SEM, CFA and path analysis with the lavaan package for R

  • Model specification: Translating the theoretical model into lavaan code
  • Model identification: Making sure that it is possible to estimate your model
  • Model estimation: ML, robust estimation (Satorra Bentler), bootstrap, missing values (FIML), checking assumptions
  • Model evaluation: Chi-square, fit indices, global fit, local fit
  • Model respecification: How to use modification indices
  • Model interpretation: What do the results tell us?
  • Troubleshooting: What to do if the model fit is not as espected
  • Mediation: Partial indirect effects, total indirect effects, total effects, contrasts
  • Moderation: Interactions in path analysis and in full SEM (with the double mean centering method)
  • Dealing with binary or ordinary scale variables
  • Multigroup CFA (measurement invariance)
  • Multigroup path analysis
  • Longitudinal measurement invariance
  • Cross-lagged panel models
  • Modeling with a covariance matrix only (e.g. from a journal article)
  • Item parceling (SEM, CFA)
  • Comparing nested models (LR-Test/Chi-square difference test)
  • Extracting factor values (SEM)

Multilevel modeling with R (lme4 or nlme package)

  • Cross-sectional models with nested data (e.g. students within schools)
  • Longitudinal models (e.g. timepoints within persons)
  • Dairy studies

About me and my consultancy

I have a master's degree in psychology. Since 2018, I have been working as a statistics consultant helping graduate and postgraduate students with their statistical problems.

Normally, I use Skype for a consultation. But if you would like to use, e.g., Zoom, that is possible as well, as long as you provide me with a meeting link in advance.

A consulting session with me lasts 60 minutes. The price is 48 Euro*/60min (master's thesis) and 56 Euro*/60min (doctoral dissertation, journal article or post-doc). I'd like you to pay in advance by paypal or, if you are in the SEPA area (most parts of Europe), by bank transfer with an IBAN, please.

All consultations are subject to my General Terms and Conditions (GTC). .

* Due to the German small business regulation, no VAT is included or charged.

How to contact me

If you are interested in booking a consulting session, please send me a short email to the following address:

In order for me to process your request I would like you to include the following information in your email, please:

  • For what type of work (master's thesis, doctoral dissertation) do you need advice?
  • On which topics do you need help?
  • What statistical software do you use?
  • When (days of week, times of day) could we have our Skype conversation? For the times of day please state whether you are referring to CET/CEST or to your time zone.