Statistical Consulting for Students

Do you need help with statistics for your master's thesis or doctoral dissertation?

I can help you with these statistical methods I specialize in:

Moderation, mediation and moderated mediation

  • Using the PROCESS macro for SPSS or for R
  • Selecting the best PROCESS model for your hypothesis
  • Checking the regression assumptions when using PROCESS
  • Interpreting PROCESS output

Path analysis

  • Testing complex regression models with SEM software (path analysis)
  • Mediation and moderation with path analysis
  • Path analysis with lavaan/R, JASP, or AMOS

About me and my consultancy

I have a master's degree in psychology and an equivalent degree (“Diplom”) in business administration. Since 2018, I have been working as a statistics consultant helping students with their statistical problems.

I use Skype for my statistical consulting.

A consulting session with me lasts 60 minutes. The price is 48 Euro*/60min. I ask you to pay in advance by paypal. If you are in the SEPA area (most parts of Europe), you can also use a bank transfer with an IBAN.

All contracts for consulting services are based on German law. (You can find my general terms and conditions here).

* Due to the German small business regulation, no VAT is included or charged.

How to contact me

If you are interested in consulting, please send me a short email to the following address:

In order for me to process your request I would like you to include the following information in your email:

  • For what type of work (master's thesis, doctoral dissertation) do you need advice?
  • On which topics do you need help?
  • What statistical software do you use?
  • When (days of week, times of day) could we have our Skype conversation?